MISSION we are inspired 

Founded in 2018, BIDITEX delivers a new message in the crypto and out of crypto reality. With diligence and proactive behavior, it enhances the growth of the market, bringing the real change for its users, encompassing the best experience, latest innovation and fostering the technologies together with the maximum force of solutions for one purpose- to make the future possible to its users. We are new and energetic driven by the fresh force to succeed, experiment, provide the best out of least. We are here to unleash all the plausible means for our users’ financial growth by suggesting the platform security and the trust. Our user is our priority, our unique team is your solution. Fast, secure and reliable. This is our way to success.

VISION we overlook 

We strive to expand and bring global impact adopting the highest standards in crypto world. BIDITEX team tends to be more than a wallet or a cryptocurrency exchange. It challenges its competitors with a newly powered technologies, user-oriented and system compliance capacity to create new resolutions. With quality and carefully designed management we have built the Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and other cryptocurrency exchange market, enlarging digital opportunities. BIDITEX team aims at providing you the relevant and accessible space to make your digital asset investments. Advanced system, trustworthy management and a highly motivated team keeps on creating a unique successful path to its users. BIDITEX seeks to extend its borders to make your needs credible within the Blockchain .   

VALUES we pursue 

User-oriented| You are our motivator and BIDITEX team works 24/7 for its users to make the platform secure, accessible and innovative for you to feel the whole energy we insert to pass convenience. 

Dedication| Each element of the platform and the whole exchange is made with dedication and love. We are taken by the whole spirit of dedication and are blown to the eternity of crypto world. 

Teamwork| BIDITEX team works day and night with fun, full of energy, motivated, and passionate about the difference working together may bring. 

Authenticity| Enthusiasm towards technologies and innovation creates success and stands in the core of our intentions to build up a durable and invulnerable system based on the blockchain system. 


Email for Customer Service: support@BIDITEX.com

Email for Media Inquiries: press@BIDITEX.com

Email for Business Inquiries: webmaster@BIDITEX.com